Experience of Positives, Negatives, and Interesting points Regarding Using Twitter and Blogs on the Module

Experience of Positives, Negatives, and Interesting points Regarding Using Twitter and Blogs on the Module

There is no doubt that Twitter and Blogging has become very important in the professional life of teachers and students. Both are being used as an educational tool or as a means of communication in modern education.  It is  the second-generation in e-learning 2.0 , which seems to be affecting the teaching methods in schools and universities. Based on my personal experience in using Twitter and Blogs in the study of “The Future of Learning”, I found that there are several advantages and disadvantages in their use.

One of the advantages of Twitter is to break the psychological barriers among students in modern learning processes. For example, it encouraged us to ask questions more confidently to  Professor Sugata during the classroom’s interaction.  The use of Twitter allowed students and lecturers to communicate more effectively during and after lectures regarding the investigated topics that were related to the curriculum. It was a wonderful tool for brainstorming and collaborative learning when we attempted to answer the big questions that were asked by Professor Sugata.  Twitter helped us to share resources and websites that are related to our subject.  It also gave us the opportunity to get to know many of the experts and advocates who are interested in the field of education technology. It facilitated us to be connected with these intellectuals to improve our knowledge and skills in future.

Furthermore, Blogging has changed the way of academic style  compared to what we used to do in the past. it helped us remember the course material which we took in class, and it reflected our understanding of the material by writing the basic elements after the lecture. The use of this tool made me more confident and motivated to write about my field of interest. By using Blogs, I developed and improved my language as I felt more responsible towards what I would publish on the internet. Reading and discussing Blogs of each other and giving comments regarding each Blog made us work together, enhancing our team working skills.

On the other hand, there were some disadvantages in using Twitter and Blogs on the module. For instance, one of the disadvantages of using Twitter is that some students provided comments which were not related to the discussed topics.  Most students asked irrelevant questions rather than giving answers related to the investigated points. The numbers and the diversity of the questions being asked on Twitter, made some students unable to think about the main questions.  Moreover, in order to write tweets, you are constrained to use less  than 140 characters which could be insufficient for some comments. Blogs also have problems since they require more thinking and time to write, as we have to read the material and think about what we are going to type. Particularly, there were some comments in the Blogs, of an inappropriate, nature which could negatively affect the reader/writer.



In general, although these tools have such weaknesses as mentioned above, they also provided us with great help in our academic activities. They facilitated the communication among teachers and students; also among students themselves. They made the educational process more flexible as we could learn even from a distance, rather than be sitting in the traditional leaning environment where communication is face to face only.

Experience of Positives, Negatives, and Interesting points Regarding Using Twitter and Blogs on the Module

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